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             Despite the insecure naysayers and those who feel threatened by intelligence or talent, you have to rise above the cloud of these clowns before you make a decision. Employing four hundred people on the film set and financing the production, post production, and distribution of a motion picture should be your primary goal.


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            Drug friends are not your real friends. You get together for the night and have a blast and then forget each other existed. It takes discipline to live like that. But if you involve your drug friends into your daily life your existence becomes painfully draining. That's why our parents never wanted us to try them in the first place. What started out as experimentation has become habitual and even accepted and commonplace, and I don't think that's a good thing. Everyone knows I'm a fiend when it comes to consumption, food, drugs, booze, and even the constant desire to go see the water on the edge of the country. Maybe it's our culture that spoils us, and ultimately, it hinders our ability to afford the most basic needs of life.  

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        Remember the tides pushing forward, rails of rope holding tight, what leaves no evidence in betrayal. The empty mist sinking like sand grass and vine mass climbing meerkats, boxers throwing their punches on round ten, time flashing out like a candle burn wax puddle. You fell into that hole of a sand puddle, grasping death like quick sand, now you're muddled like fuddle daddies and maddened crazed of murder plots.  

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        It would ruin your career to make the wrong film. David Fincher holds this ideal very high in his work. Considering he turns down ninety percent of the projects that are offered to him, you can only imagine what the world would be like if he just started pumping them out.

The industry is like a mass production factory, pumping out eye candy, contrived explosions and the young half naked centerfold whose life is apparently in danger.

I'm not saying it's a horrible thing to give the people what they want, I'm just afraid of becoming marginalized in the almost premature adolescence of my career in the motion picture industry.

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        They say that Hollywood no longer entertains new screenplays unless you have serious backing behind you. Vertical and horizontal integration of the production line leaves little room for new blood. I've had top agents from Endeavor, ICM, and CAA, all tell me that studios no longer option screenplays anymore, they assign them based on their market research. They know what works, and they milk that cow until it's dead.  

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        If they tell you that they are worth your time or that you missed out on whatever escapades they participate in, the slanted and often misguided invitation warrants forgetful exclusion. Like beads of water down the grass line brain farting mass brines of pigs and horses. The rich bet on the poor like they are dog fighting, roosters pecking like cats biting, horse racing the mighty fringes of society, drops of blood covering the floor like numb dirty angels and demons fighting over the light, foolish gypsies teaching their delusional afterthoughts to their children dooming them to see life through foggy glass like London fogs riddled with fish and chips in Yorkshire.  

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The reason behind so many remakes is because the directors are at war with each other. It's because so many times, there are those out there who see a film and say to themselves “I can do better.”

many cases, remakes turn out to be entertaining, some cases they exceed expectations so far that the viewers forget that this was already done before.

Hollywood's desire to reinvent the wheel each time they shoot a remake proves that they are in the business of innovation. That a single idea can come in many permutations.  

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Presence of talent fickle like the wind

Choosers fail at lover’s whim

Steal my diary and open my bend

My death immortal you’ll finally commend
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    You can't force someone to see life your way, so as a good parent knowing that you can't judge experiences that you haven't been through, or the seemingly dismissable form of an experience that you would write off as a derivative; thereby invalidating it and remanding it to be trivial. I would imagine that it would probably piss a lot of people off, perhaps a diplomatic alternative to the would offer some kind of counseling that would prevent the current generation from committing the same mistakes that your parents, and yourself, and now your children are doomed to repeat... seems like a waste of time and energy don't you think?

    I'm not saying that a prestigious post secondary education at a top ranking University is the end-all-be-all of things, because legends of billionaires have all started out in someone's garage. Perhaps the overbearing Asian parent inside me wants to control every aspect of her future and her thought processes, which is what Zuckerberg has been talking about in his new Occulus program, to be able to interact with the environment of someone remotely, and ultimately creating the most scientifically advanced remote parenting or monitoring system known to man. To analyze the sub atomic molecular environment on a real time scale, sensors that measure the atmosphere composition of anything near yourself and what you see on the display.

    Paul Spickard from UCSB has said to me that the isolation and the depression is what fuels the writing, it is through books, and only through thousands of them do you really see what is out there. There are literally hundreds of millions of books, some of them have been lost and recovered but there is a universe of knowledge out there, and the passing of knowledge gives an advantage to the future generation.

For our children's tomorrow.

For our tomorrow.  

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Minds contaminated with defense mechanisms, and the consistent familiar outbursts and attempts at mitigating anxiety have given rise to incompetency. 

Inner city children exhibit a necessary drive to rub shoulders with the elite and compete, as it were. Whereas small town children retreat to their familiar backgrounds because they feel damaged by their upbringing.

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Removing your name from the financial registry is an important one. Anonymity becomes a problem when transactions are made. Both parties want to feel safe about what is going on, and yet they demand the very things that they would find insulting if someone asked them to do the same.


Strange isn’t it?


Human nature is nothing but a pyramid scheme.


I suppose it can go both ways. 

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Sometimes you have to play stupid.


Never outshine the master.





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Using the LSD to remove writer’s block seems to prove effective. But alas, time is running out, as the Jew from Chicago would say.


And he is right.


We must put something together soon, time is not on our side.



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With the recent rain, something horrible has happened in our town. 

The Dattilo family has recently suffered a tragic loss of their grandson, and I have no idea how to express my condolences. Facebook messages or even phone calls seem too cheap.


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When she called me an “orphan” I wanted to dismiss it. A part of my ego was already bruised because of her tone and I wanted to know the connotation of such a dirty word without her pity, you know, that sad look on her face.

I’ve been using Facebook to connect with other Koreans who were adopted. Some part of me feels horribly incomplete, but as mother always taught us, complaining does nothing, you must act. 

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לנח האור יזרחו על המשפחה שלנו לנצח

Smart wife Harvard educated Italian knockout with a Yale Law degree tells tall tales of stupid silly trailer trash time wasting nincompoops, temporary porta-potty mindset, finding distraction nets running around like cake whores on birthday candles, creepy chandeliers and love handles, I wear my brown sandals and they called me Jesus like hey Zeus what’s up with those wise guys in the zoot suits?


Spoiled children make the worst parents. 

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Memory is a funny thing.

Time seems to sacrifice your mind like a goat on a satanic alter.

I had a dream about you last night. It’s really strange because I’ve never had a dream about you before. What’s equally weird is that I think about you a lot, despite the fact that you assume that you no longer cross my mind. You had a blue dress on and you were glowing, a look of happiness from what I can assume to be the product of an appropriate lover. I valued you much so more than a piece of ass, but for some strange reason you’ve convinced yourself that you were too damaged and that redemption was out of the question.




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Raising a child is not a game. You can’t expect to understand the next generation of children just because you experienced childhood sixteen years ago; memories fade and judgments based on archaic social institutions only fracture the personal relationships that everyday society depends on. 

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    She’ll be moving back to Santa Barbara soon. A rich girl like can’t stand to be outside of her comfort bubble. Our meetings will be limited to the occasional one hundred and seventy-nine mile journey on edge of the central coast for a three am hookup once a week. The last time we had sex it felt so disconnected. It used to be so passionate and carelessly liberating, now look at us. We’ve become our parents. Pretending that neither of us play an important role in our lives to the point where your friends start to question if either of you really exist.


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            Finding the right talent for the work is a hard task. I have a hard time trusting people. You give people too much rope and they will invariably pull you down or lynch you. Either way you have to consider the odds of what it takes to be a successful film director. And while the writer/producer job title was already chosen for me, it would betray all that is good in the name of creativity if I didn’t at least try to shoot a few shorts and hopefully land a feature directing gig. I have a feeling that Doug Jackson was right, that I need not to be so controlling and let the artists do their jobs, discover new talent, not toil in their misery.

            Andrew Niccol, David Fincher, and Francis Lawrence have all started out directing television commercials and music videos. The motion picture industry uses it as a filter of sorts, weeding out those who can’t hack it, or those who don’t have their own ideas. Either way, talent is not the only key in making in the mainstream media. Polity seems to prove effective, and yet it poisons our very nature of the industry, personal relationships have corrupted business models; but who am I to say anything?

            My time is now. I must execute this correctly. I seek to inspire the new generation, as our forefathers have done for us.  

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