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    You can't force someone to see life your way, so as a good parent knowing that you can't judge experiences that you haven't been through, or the seemingly dismissable form of an experience that you would write off as a derivative; thereby invalidating it and remanding it to be trivial. I would imagine that it would probably piss a lot of people off, perhaps a diplomatic alternative to the would offer some kind of counseling that would prevent the current generation from committing the same mistakes that your parents, and yourself, and now your children are doomed to repeat... seems like a waste of time and energy don't you think?

    I'm not saying that a prestigious post secondary education at a top ranking University is the end-all-be-all of things, because legends of billionaires have all started out in someone's garage. Perhaps the overbearing Asian parent inside me wants to control every aspect of her future and her thought processes, which is what Zuckerberg has been talking about in his new Occulus program, to be able to interact with the environment of someone remotely, and ultimately creating the most scientifically advanced remote parenting or monitoring system known to man. To analyze the sub atomic molecular environment on a real time scale, sensors that measure the atmosphere composition of anything near yourself and what you see on the display.

    Paul Spickard from UCSB has said to me that the isolation and the depression is what fuels the writing, it is through books, and only through thousands of them do you really see what is out there. There are literally hundreds of millions of books, some of them have been lost and recovered but there is a universe of knowledge out there, and the passing of knowledge gives an advantage to the future generation.

For our children's tomorrow.

For our tomorrow.  

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February 12, 2016


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